Saturday, February 2, 2013

Early Victorian Dresser & Guest Room

lovely 1830s, yep pre-civil war era empire dresser in our newly finished guest room. craigslist find! I love it very much. I like its rustic, well loved charm. I also love of course that it's verrrry old, and has that glorious old smell, and yet it has nice modern lines! never goes out of style. I waxed and buffed it with an old world wax recipe from  Etsy shop Absolute Vintage Store. the grain really pops now! oh and yes, we have the missing knob too. (I haven't put that back on yet)

I love little imperfections like this candle wax burn perhaps? 

victorian needlepoint hairbrush from a flea market. 

I've taken liberty to display my 1920s grooming set on it right now. It makes me happy....we also purchased a victorian jenny lind bed to go in this room and an edwardian lamp in tiffany blue. It will come together slowly...I guess this is the "victorian" room now.

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