Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet Filmore & Mosely

These two little belly-up in the sun rascals are the behind the scenes little shop helpers...oh yes, they do a great deal of work for Revival House. They love to be in the photo shoots, and you might see one or two peeping a head or a tail in a picture. Mosely in particular loves all of my boxes...try packaging a pair of shoes for instance: I turn around for a moment and come back, and there I see two green eyes peeping out. I'm sure he's just all snuggly as can be in there ready to be shipped off to long as he can keep the box!

Filmore is my shy sunny boy. He helps with stress. He likes to sneak in unassumingly and land himself on your lap, and take a nice long nap, like "Sure, I do this all the time, and you never seem to mind anyway."

Hooray for kitties! Tell me about yours or your other pets behind the scenes if you like. I love all pets.


anabela / fieldguided said...

They are so sweet! One of the things that Oreo loves to do that drives me crazy is she loves to sit on my fabric. Sometimes I'll turn around to find her sitting on the tiniest scrap, even three by three inches! It's pretty cute, I have to admit!

Chelsea said...

Yes! Oh yes, fabric, or paper...anything I have setting out that I'm working on, they love to sit on as well. Or if I have out a pen, or a pair of scissors on my desk, or just about anything, in two seconds, Mosely has it on the floor batting it around. He thinks that everything is a new toy.

Mosley is on my lap right now!

three by three inches, that is so cute!