Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Summer Elopement.

Liam and I were planning our wedding for a year and a half and by planning, I mean avoiding planning anything because of the high costs of planning a wedding. We were interested in getting married at Ravenwood Castle in Hocking Hills, Ohio and doing a woodland castle theme. We are still considering this for a renewing of our vows maybe in the not too distant future.

As many of you may know we are planning to adopt a child from Africa and in the end it mattered more to us to be able to begin this journey than to have a fancy wedding, so we decided to elope on the summer solstice. It was fun keeping it a secret and being surprising!

I wore an antique dress circa 1919, a victorian wax bud tiara, victorian heels. a 1920s celluloid feather fan in place of a bouquet, a 1920s beaded handbag, and a 1910s necklace. I had about 5 vintage dresses to choose from and decided on this elegant lace one because it made me feel ethereal and goddess-y.
Liam put on his best shirt, tie and pants and shoes. :)

Here are some photos from the special day.


It turned out to be perfect just the two of us and later we went to the beach and enjoyed the sunny 85 degree heat.  

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