Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sammy Davis Vintage 100 Best Vintage Shop #12

I'm really totally honored to be featured in Sammy Davis's Best 100 vintage shops online. Revivalhouse made a comeback in 2012 and we're still going strong. and look at the "$" price tag! With rising costs of shipping and rising costs for vintage, my goal was to work towards creating the feel in my shop that customers were browsing with delight through an antique mall. You can find a great deal and it won't cost you a hole in your wallet. We're not boutique-ey. We're not a fancy place. A modest 3 bedroom 1928 colonial in the heart of Cleveland, spreading the story of history one garment at a time. I'll be continuing to bring in a lot of beautiful antique garments for your enjoyment this year. Thank you everyone for the support and continuing to share my passion for all things "old"

and please buy Sammy Davis's e-book. it's a very small price to pay this lovely lady who spent hours making this amazing booklet, and truly that's a woman who cares about vintage, and purveyors of vintage. She deserves a round of applause for this. Buy it here!

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